Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Hampshire: Pumpkin Cake with Maple-Cream Cheese Frosting

I had been hoping to do this in order. I had been hoping to put in my entries for Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine, and then wait for the next state to come along.

But instead, New Hampshire hath delivered. Even though the exemption for church-related institutions to not have to give insurance benefits to same-sex spouses is bullshit. (However, it's bullshit that can probably be overturned on sex discrimination grounds or by a well-worded federal statute.)

Now to the cake.

To most of us, New Hampshire isn't really known for any food product in particular, except for maybe maple syrup (courtesy of that episode of The West Wing where Bartlet insists on New Hampshire maple syrup for the prayer breakfast). However, Vermont already had maple syrup. So I couldn't do a cake whose flavor was primarily maple, but I still wanted to do something with maple.

So I begin looking around for other foods associated with New Hampshire - and discovered the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Pumpkin and maple syrup? Excellent. Especially with this recipe:

Pumpkin Cake With Maple–Cream Cheese Frosting [Leite's Culinaria]

According to commenters, the recipe can easily be adapted for cupcakes. Go bake some for a marriage equality bake sale!

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